Bunk Houses

We design, manufacture, develop and provide high performance, reusable and transportable bunk houses for demanding environment; meeting rigorous conditions with all-season containerized solutions that are both efficient and flexible.These Bunk Houses are manufactured for dwelling and working purposes. It is designed to suit extreme tropical weather conditions and can be hauled to remote places. These houses are comfortable, hygienic and well-ventilated for a prolonged stay, has optimal weight which can be carried even in difficult terrain by road, rail and ship.

Toilet & Bath Bunk House

This variety of Bunk house is equipped with electric water heater, private showers and rest room with standard flushing toilet and wall mounted cabinet mirror. It is mounted on mobile-trailer chasis for easy transport from one site to another.

Kitchen Container

This container is fitted with pressure cooker and other utensils for cooking food in minimum time, it has a provision for built-in ovens, heavy duty kerosene stove and electric stove as an alternative. This is designed and manufactured for operating an extreme and extreme hot and humid weather condition. It is completely sealed to provide safety from dust, storm etc. All the units are mounted and secured to the floor rigidly so that meals can be prepared while it is moving.

Mobile dispensary and Hospital

This is another form of a Bunk House which are fully equipped with all sensitive medical equipment required to treat patient in the field condition including Intensive Care Unit (ICU), pre and post operation ward etc.

Defence containers

Primarily used for rapid and safe deployment of equipmet and supplies anywhere, anytime. Our defence containers offer a complete stratum of customized defence logistics. Specially built for army, navy, airforce and their support service.

Refrigerated Containers

These Containers are for every demanding cold chain industry. It is being built with the following features:
○ Reefer unit with multi-temperature from a reputed/recognized refrigeration company;
○ International standard floor design to facilitate loading and unloading of cargo with fork lift truck;
○ Floor is leak proof and its plywood structure will restrict its early damage;
○ T gratings are mounted with PUF & bottom structure;
○ Auto-drain plugs at 2/4 corners for draining our water from the floor;

Insulated ventilated Containers:

Insulated ventilated containers are used to keep vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer duration during long-haul transportation. It helps to retain the temperature of the cargo for a longer period by restricting the inflow heat from outside, as well as to provide relatively high level of cool air circulation around the cargo without the use of refrigeration unit, thus reducing the final cost of transportation of perishable cargo.

Its main features are:
○ Increased payload as well as volume in comparison to refrigerated containers
○ The insulation provides protection to horticulture produces from radiating heat during the day.
○ Vent opening on the floor, front and door end for ventilation gas breathed out by horticulture cargo.

E-house/ power house

Electrical house (e-house) is a prefabricated wall-in modular enclosure to house medium and low voltage switchgears as well as equipment.

Off-shore containers

Our custom-built off-shore containers are especially adapted to tolerate extreme sea conditions. Widely used by the oil and gas industry for transporting equipment, food, waste, etc. Due to reinforced construction system the containers can resist hostile corrosive environment. Manufactured according to global parameters and can be developed as per customers requirement.
Our matchless range of creative containers capture your imagination into an 8 corner-casting physical space. Unique, custom-built and value added, they offer application flexibility; meeting diverse demands, anytime, anywhere.

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