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Our products are delivered to both domestic and overseas markets.
Modularized integrated equipments have been widely used in transportation,
storage, construction, oil field, telecom, space and research, scientific sectors,
power industries, de-fence services & off shore use.

ISO Freight Containers

Based on the cargo and the loading method we offer the following containers.

Off Shore Containers

Used by Oil and Gas Industries for transporting equipment, food, waste etc. on supply ships to and from oil rigs.

ISO Tank Container

Tank containers are used for liquid cargo. Foodstuffs: Fruit juices, spirits, sweet oils Chemicals. Hazardous materials, such as fuels, toxic substances, corrosion protection agents


Acoustic enclosure designed to house
upto 2000 KVA gen sets

E – Room Containers

These containers are custom built for
mounting Electrical panels.
False flooring is provided for laying of
cable ducts.

Bunk Houses

Bunk houses are custom designed understanding the
special needs of the field personnel.


Transformer housing container for Solar
Power Station

Special Purpose Containers

Special purpose containers are shipping containers that have been designed and modified for specific purposes other than general storage and transportation.

Refrigerated & Insulated Container

Refrigerated container has an integral refrigeration unit for controlling the temperature inside the container upto -25° C. Insulated Containers are used in particular for voluminous and light goods (e.g. milk, fruit, flowers, etc).

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